About Us

TeknoChem Kimya A.Ş. was founded in 2011 with completely domestic capital. It is the biggest company in it’s own region. TeknoChem is a solution partner of many companies both nationally and internationally. Teknochem aims to provide professional and sustainable service to its customers at world standards with its expert and experienced staffs. Everytime TeknoChem aims to present best technical service within 7 days 24 hours and to be the first in the newest technologies.

TEKNOCHEM; is a company that aims to achieve excellence with its superior quality and technology, with its employees, customers and suppliers growing steadily and aware of social responsibilities towards collecting, researching, developing and adopting human-focused investments as a principle.
As TEKNOCHEM our vision;
Becoming an exemplary institution in the chemical sector,
Adopting a customer-focused management system,
To continuously renew itself in the field of investment and technology,
To represent our country deserving a leading position in international markets with its product variety and engineering.
To be focused on customer-solution
Responsible and respected
To be focused on result
To be dynamic
Being reliable
To be "exemplary" in environment-health and safety issues
To be innovative